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Exercise Fabric Booty Bands For Resistance Training. 3 Resistance Levels

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Introducing our Booty Fabric Resistance Bands that will activate, strengthen and tone your glutes, hip and leg muscles! Pack in a powerful equipment-free resistance workout at home using only your body weight and our Set of 3 bands.

  • DURABLE: Strong fabric is woven with unique stretch fibres to give a wide range of motion. These bands will never snap.
  • COMFORTABLE: Fabric is strong yet soft against the skin. They will not dig in, pinch or pull hairs.
  • Slip-Free / Roll-Free: The thick width and the inner latex grip we have sewn into the bands means they will not roll during ANY exercise.
  • Snap-free: Unlike plastic resistance bands that snap easily, our Fabric resistance bands can withstand resistance without snapping.  
  • Multipurpose: These resistance bands can be used to build strength as well as for recovery and protection from injuries. Our resistance bands can help correct your posture while strengthening your muscles! Muscle training, Pilates, Yoga or stretching, we've got you covered.


Our NEW IMPROVED Design and material are engineered to give you THE BEST results on the market. It features our non-slip material that is comfy in your workouts. HOT SELLER - Targeting all 3 muscles in your glutes to give you a Lifted, Round & Better Shaped Booty! By increasing the resistance with Level 1-2-3, you are increasing the resistance you will be increasing your results!

  • ACTIVATE GLUTES: Up to 400% more glute activation
  • TONE & SHAPE: Improve your squats, correct your posture, and see better toning of your muscles
  • PREVENT INJURY: Strengthens your biggest muscles & teaches you the correct form ensuring you are protected against injury and you are building a strong strength foundation.
  • FAT BURNING: Our Fabric Resistance Bands train your biggest muscle groups

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